Infinity Blade 2 : complete walkthrough

Here is Infinity Blade 2 walkthrough guide:

When you start playing Infinity Blade 2 you are given the opportunity to get rid of one of your enemies at the very beginning of the game – you can do this immediately after seeing the title.

Afterwards, you should go to the bridge located in front of the House Ix, where you’ll find another enemy waiting for you. After getting rid of this one, too, you should open the large doors leading to a dark corridor. Before you can continue your way, you must defeat the guard, and enter the place that looks like a courtyard (there is big statue over there).

Then, you should keep going on until you open some large doors leading to the tower with a huge clock on the back side: you’ll meet another enemy on your way to the tower. You’ll again meet an enemy when you’re nearby the stairs.

Then you should go upstairs in order to enter a corridor being placed near a veranda. Here you’ll have to get rid of a guard, and continue your way to the right. Afterwards, you should go on up the stairs until you reach the top of the tower where you’ll meet Thane! Infinity blade 2 is to start again after his defeat and your suicide: now, you must get rid of 3 sentinels and return to Thane!

Stone Demon

After having appeared in the mentioned place with a big statue, you should take left stairs and go upwards in order to get into a combat arena. Here you’ll see a large gate, and also a creature that should be defeated. Afterwards, you’ll have to get rid of a guard as well. Next, you should enter the very gate that the guard has opened and come out of it. Well, you’ll see also an underground shrine being place downstairs, and you’ll meet a guard or a Pierced Witch when having crossed the halfway on the bridge. In the end, you’ll meet the Stone Demon. Be cautious, for the Demon will jump to you. After you get rid of the Demon, you’ll have to get back to the beginning with the help of the shrine.


After having appeared into the space with a big statue, you should enter the tower and go towards the already broken stairs and get rid of the guard standing over there. Next, you should get into the corridor where you’ll see a room with a clock. Here you’ll have to defeat another guard. Afterwards, you should jump down in order to fight with the Archivist standing by the rock. To return to the beginning of the game, you should use the shrine.


You should continue your way towards the stairs with a huge clock, and then turn to the right. Here you’ll see a room and a guard, standing by the room, who must be defeated. You’ll find 6 doors with locks on them: there is a weapon imprint on the doors. The locked doors can be opened the moment you match your weapon imprint with the one on the doors. After opening the given door, you should go to the next one and enter the corridor placed at the veranda. Here you’ll have to get rid of another guard, and then you’ll have to defeat one more guard standing at the end of the corridor. After having defeated both of them, you can enter a room where you’ll see a large opening, the MX-Goliath and the EXO-Pilot. After winning the fight, you can return to the beginning of the game with the help of the shrine.

Fighting against Thane for the 2nd Time

After fighting down Thane, you should take the same path that has led you to the MX-Goliath. So, you should go upstairs until you reach the top of the tower where you’ll have to defeat Thane and open the vault. Then, you should move down and fight against Thane once again. This time the Worker of Secrets will kill Thane do death (2/3 of the game). He will ask you to find the God king and kill him (he wishes to take his place), so you’ll have to get rid of 3 guards and the God King, and bring the game to its end.


Infinity blade 2 walkthrough: You can be awarded prizes if you fight down the indicated enemies on your way. So, you’ll get the following prizes:

A prize wheel (when killing Thane), a large sum of money (when killing Archivist), a large sum of money or a new weapon (when killing Stone Demon), a large key (when killing MX-Goliath), a prize wheel or a large sum of money (when killing Thane for the final time), a large sum of money or a rare weapon (when killing the God King).

Bringing out Hidden Items

When you fight down your enemies, you get some hidden items, such as:
8 cash bags, 1 full health placed on the stone edge, 1 treasure chest after the 2nd killing, a medium key placed behind Thane’s chair (when defeating Thane);

Up to 4 cash bags – 2 of which from rock writing, the other 2 placed by the shrine, behind Siris; a small key from rock writing, or when Siris and Archivist are talking with each other, and when the camera falls behind the wall (when killing Archivist);

4 cash bags – each being placed behind the shrine, under the bridge, on the bridge, before the bridge; additional 3 cash bags placed in the small temple, a large treasure chest placed before the bridge (when killing the Stone Demon);

5 or 6 cash bags, 1 full health, 1 large chest placed at the end of the room (when killing MX-Goliath).

Hidden Doorways

After having killed Thane for the 2nd time, and after having defeated all the sentinels, you’ll have the opportunity to discover some secret doorways. All the rooms will be linked together and will lead you towards the veranda: the doorway path will take you to MX-Goliath and to Thane on the top of the tower.

Combat Arena

When you have already fought down the huge creature, you’ll see a tree growing right in the center of the combat arena. As for this creature, it has no weapons, fights with his claws and teeth. When going to Stone Demon for the first time, you’ll notice that there is no tree over there, but when going for the second time, the tree will already be standing there. This is a great opportunity to be away from Stone Demon, by climbing the tree. Besides, the tree will lead you to the veranda being placed by the top of the tower, at the doorway leading to Thane or Mx-Goliath.

Archivist Arena (see above)

When you have already fought down Archivist, you’ll be given a pathway leading to the room where you’ll find a guard: you must get rid of this guard. You’ll find 6 locked doors inside this room, having weapon imprints on them. You’ll be able to open the door if you have the matching imprint on your weapon. Afterwards, you should continue your way to the next room.

Shrine Cavern

When you defeat Stone Demon, you’ll be able to use the pathway located on the opposite side of the bridge. Appearing on the pathway, you’ll meet another creature – you must kill this creature, which is like the one you’ve meet on the combat arena. After defeating this creature, you should take the stairs leading to the tower in order to get to the veranda.

MX-Goliath Room

You’ll see a pathway on the right side of the room that will take you just to top of the tower.

Correction of Mistakes

In case you press the blue circle by mistake, not intending to do so, you should use the sword – by tapping on the sword on the top of the screen, and by tapping the gear on the right top, then by tapping the character slot, you can easily choose another game to play. If the new game has already started, and you wish to go back to your previous game, you should take the same steps, thus resuming your game.


Get prepared well enough in order not to lose a Boss battle! If a boss defeats you, you’ll need to switch the game slot. After going back to the initial one (the Boss killed you), you’ll be given unlimited killing opportunities.

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