Kingdom rush: frontiers

If you have an iPad at your hand, this game is a game you should have. This game will bring all the game addiction you never expect into your personal life! It brings bigger and more dangerous challenge than its previous version. Experience a new sensation in playing game from award-winning game! Bring your troops for great adventures in defending lands from dangerous treats, such as dragons, underworld creatures, mutant plants etc. There are so many things – old and new- you can use to defeat all treats: towers, heroes, and goodies which are separated in different, new, and more challenging levels!

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers bring you almost everything you can expect from a game into your life, just to make sure that you will have all the great adventures and experience!


a. Build better frontiers in totally new and exotic lands
b. More specialized and advanced towers – defeat your enemies using Mighty Templars, Crossbow Forts, Necromancers, and more!
c. Advanced tower abilities, up to 18 – pestilence clouds, death riders, even mighty assasins for your enemies

d. Face with 40 different enemies! Fight with deadly sandworms, shamans, terrors from the underground etc.
e. Choose your mighty heroes from the 9 legendary ones and train them!
f. Special features, units, and abilities for each stage! Beware for any surprise!
g. Merciless war! Take down the boss if you can!
h. Up to 70 achievements!

i. Challenge your skills with Heroic, Classic, and Iron modes!
j. Three challenging levels – Easy, Medium, Hard – Experience the real war in Hard mode!
k. Learn what your enemies usually and will do in in-game dictionary!

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