NinJump Rooftops Tips: Cheats to improve your Play

NinJump Rooftops is introduced by BackFlip Studios. You can enjoy the running by swinging the sword of Ninja to kill enemies while on the run.

Some best NinJump Rooftops tips to improve your game are:

Use the Double Jump:

When the gap between the rooftops seems larger to be completed in the single jump, try to double jump in this situation. You can double jump by tapping the screen again when the ninja is in the mid-air.

Power ups of NinJump Rooftops

NinJump Rooftops has different power-ups:

Superninja: It doubles the ninja’s size and makes it easy to hold on to higher ropes and colleting coins in the air.

Shield: It is the protection against one hit, use it sensibly.

Coin Magnet: It lets coins to draw to your avatar automatically. When the ‘double coin’ is activated, this power up becomes highly beneficial.

Advanced Power-ups in NinJump Rooftops

In the lower corner of the screen, there present a three-slot system. You can utilize these slots according to the enemies you are going to tackle in the stage. In the stage, you might get face to face with squirrels, birds, ninja and lethal pandas.

Don’t waste these power-ups; fight the starting ones with your skills and save the power-ups for later in the stage. As the stage advances, you may get to see gigantic bird in the sky, large flying squirrel or killing and smashing panda.

You may require some time to master this skill, but once you start getting the power-ups in a row, you will last longer in the stage.

Collectibles in NinJump Rooftops

There are so many collectibles in the game that can be enjoyed. You can change the character and up-grade power ups. All the different characters in the game look different but functions alike. Game coins are enough to buy these things but if you are hasty, you can buy more coins or higher value coins that are jade coins by spending from $0.99 to $24.99.

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