OTTTD Review

OTTTD is a strategy game that is a bit of a mix up between TD (Tower Defence) and RTS style of gaming. OTTD stands for Over The Top Tower Defence and was created by SMG whom are a Sydney based company and it’s actually their first game release so indeed they have done very well and have a great team behind them.

The game really does add a twist on typical tower defence games as it’s really full on, there are explosions, giants, flying creatures, un dead creatures and even sharks. OTTTD has pretty much everyone random creature you can imagine trying to get to and destroy your main base and hero’s, the goal is to defend your base and heroes at all costs by building/upgrading gun towers around the maps and using your heroes to your advantage which are also upgradable. If you base is destroyed then its game over and you must restart the level.

How to Play OTTTD

OTTTD is really a very simple game to play like all Tower Defence games you simply need to tap and scroll around the map using your finger (or thumb). At the beginning of each game your base will spawn along with hero’s and one gun tower – from here you need to use the cash you start with to build some more gun towers in preparation of the incoming waves of space/zombie creatures that are going to try to destroy your base.

You can build towers by tapping on the white circles with an ‘X’ on them around the map, when you tap on them it will give you different gun tower options – it’s best to start off with Gatlin Towers as they are the cheapest ($150) and quite effective at the start, as you progress you can upgrade the towers by tapping on the tower and selecting the arrow and at a cost it increases the power of each tower. You can also build more powerful and expensive towers as you progress including slowing towers and rocket towers for more damage.

Each level has a certain amount of creature wave attacks and the goal of the game is simple, survive the waves and protect your towers and base. Once you survive all waves you complete the level and progress through with each getting more difficult and presenting more upgrades (towers and heroes).

Key Game Features

1. 25 story levels to survive and battle through.
2. 7 unique class heroes to help you survive and progress.
3. Boss Battles including a shark boss, Kraken and more.
4. 2 Unique dimension; steamcrust and nightmare.
5. Full of guns, explosions and awesomeness!

OTTTD Heroes

In total there are total 7 Heroes in OTTTD and each of them has their own unique abilities, the first hero is unlocked in the first level and the others are unlocked as you progress through the levels. You can upgrade the Heroes as you progress through the game and upgrade: Abilities, Weapons and Armours to make them stronger and more effective.

Skill tree’s are also added to improve/learn new abilities as your character gains new levels, your heroes gain new levels by surviving the whole level so be sure to keep them alive, if they start taking damage then move them away by selecting them and tapping to a safe location so they move away and slowly regain their health.

Here is a list of some of the OTTTD Heroes;

1. Engineer – Can repair towers and boost (temporarily) tower attacks.
2. Assault – Attack hero that deals area effect damage, slows enemies and can also heal heroes.
3. Recon – Long range “sniper” hero, can stealth/clock to avoid detection.
4. Rocketeer – Fires rockets and has a jetpack so can fly anywhere on the map.
5. Saboteur – Drops landmines and stabs enemies.
6. Bombardier – Launches lots of small bombs which shower down and explode causing good damage but medium range.
7. Scientist – Can clone and also transform into a powerful unit temporarily to use powerful abilities.

Our OTTTD Review and Rating

I downloaded OTTTD just over a couple of weeks back and really enjoyed it, in fact I’m still playing it at the moment and battling through the levels! We really like OTTTD and for us it’s definitely up there as the top Tower defence game around, granted the game is a bit of an investment with a price tag of $4.99 USD but it’s really worth it if you need a new game to keep you entertained and you happen to really enjoy tower defence games.

OTTTD posses visually awesome graphics with a smooth run and feeling to the game that will provide hours of fun. OTTTD is available on both Android and iOS and was featured in 2014 as one of the best games available in the App store (we certainly agree!).
We hope you have enjoyed our OTTTD review and be sure to drop by again for more awesome App game reviews.

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