Pet Rescue Saga Cheats Tips and Tricks

It’s a puzzle. Save the pets!

You’ve played Candy Crush Saga, now Pet Rescue Saga is here to keep the addiction going! The pets are cute, they are scared of the animal snatchers and only you can save them – by matching up the colors of the cascading blocks.

Here are the top 5 tips and tricks to help you get those pets to safety!

1. Receiving Free Lives

Give the gift of giving! You can give your friends free lives, and they can return the favor. However, be mindful of how many lives you have before you accept any offers for more.

If you accept them when you have maximum lives already they will not be added and you will not get them back later. Instead, just leave the offers in your inbox and redeem them when necessary.

It can be good practice to request lives right when you start playing, so that any friends who are online can extend your session while you play. Likewise, when you are finished playing send out another request so that your lives can be refilled whilst you are gone.

2. Hold onto your Boosters and Bombs

It is great fun to just blow away a bunch of annoying blocks, but you should really save your bombs and boosters until you have no other option. This will usually be at the end of a level when having one available could be the difference between blasting a pet to freedom and starting the level all over again.

3. Plan your moves with a Pets Focus

Your aim in this game is usually going to be to save your pets. So when you start a level make note of where they are, what obstacles are between them and the ground, if they need to be moved sideways and only then get to action.

You want to avoid having a pet stranded on a block of a single color, so you should be planning a couple of moves ahead to make sure that that block can be paired with something. It is ideal to have a pet standing on a column of one color that can be easily tapped away at the end.

When clearing a jumble of blocks to make way for a pet, working from the bottom up is usually a good place to start.

4. Don’t focus on clearing all of the blocks

You will get more points focusing on saving pets instead, (unless in those odd cases where the level objective calls for all blocks to be cleared).

If you are faced with the decision of clearing a bunch of blocks or breaking it up to save the pet, save the pet.

5. The Pet Snatchers are the worst

If one of your pets is shaking in fright, pay attention. It means that they are at risk of getting snatched, which means you won’t be able to save them. This could cost you the level. If a pet is up high and starts shaking then it is probably a good time to shoot a rocket up that row.

Wrap up

With these five tips you will be well on your way to saving pets through all of the 72 levels of the addictive Pet Crush Saga!

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