“Plague Inc” : Walkthrough

Lets talk about Plague Inc Walkthrough:

Before you start playing the game, it would be better to go through the instructions and all the important information concerning the game tips, tricks and the playing strategy.

First of all, you should learn to pause Plague Inc , because it will help you a lot during the game. So, all you need is just to tap on the date of the game. Besides, you can use the pause opportunity to get advantage of it – pausing the game and going through the countries, your virus will be upgraded and improved.

Don’t forget to check out the balance and plan your purchases – find the most appropriate time for your purchases! So, you should keep the prices in the center of attention, for they tend to increase time after time, thus making it more challenging to play the game.

In case you appear in fatal situation when the virus is lethal, you mustn’t worry – you just need to Devolve! As a result, you regain some DNA points, and you’ll concentrate on the disease. So, in cases when the virus becomes of huge importance, you’ll need a disease spreading the way the BieberFever does, and then you’ll need to put an emphasis on the lethality of the disease.

The strategy, chosen by you, should be adjusted in accord with the characteristics of the target country, that is to say, if the target country has a humid climate, the virus must be spread through water.

Remember not to waste too much time on making your virus more and more lethal. The more you concentrate on this, the more countries and scientists will become more and more engaged in finding solutions for the problem, and will succeed finally.

Mutation is a way out from the above described situation – you can develop the virus in a way that it starts to mutate itself, because it’s much more challenging to cure diseases that develop by mutation. Naturally, the Bacterial Resilience becomes of immense importance in such situations for providing proper strategic solutions for you.

You mustn’t be ignorant towards the countries that are affected to the least extent. This is one of the tricky points of the Plague Inc – you should make your strategy work in these countries as well as in the rest ones.

If you need the easiest mode for your game, you should start the game with a bacterium, but even this choice can turn to be rather challenging when the issue concerns the world population demolishment. As for the most challenging mode of the game, you should choose the Nano Virus.

In order to gain extra DNA points, you should concentrate on the Virality and Severity levels of the game – you’ll infect more countries, and you’ll receive more points!

Anyway, you must never get disappointed or upset if your first trial turns to be a failure – the Plague Inc is of challenge indeed! Happily enough, you have a fine opportunity here to resume and replay the game, refresh and renew your strategies, and change your disease. So, go on playing!

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