Plants vs Zombies: cheats and tricks

Here are top Plants vs Zombies cheats:


Here we represent you a series of codes connected with the game – remember that in certain cases your Tree of Wisdom should have grown to a definite height if you want these codes to be available.

So, here they are – pinata (a zombie dies and you have a candy shower), trickedout (Alternate Lawn Mower appearance), future (zombies get futuristic shades), dance (zombies start dancing), sukhbir (zombies’ calls are shifted to brain sounds), daisies (dead zombies leave daisies behind), Mustache (zombies get mustaches).

Plants vs Zombies cheats – Fertilizer

As soon as you are allowed by Crazy Dave to cultivate some plants for the first time, you can get down to growing 2 plants. When you start supplying water for your plants, Crazy Dave will tell you to provide more fertility for your plants, and you can easily hit it back: don’t worry, you won’t be charged!

Getting Trophies

In Plants vs Zombies you can obtain a trophy (main menu) if you carry out the following tasks – if you acquire all the trophies in the Mini-Games, you’ll get a Gold Trophy; as soon as you overcome the Adventure Mode challenges, you’ll receive a Silver Mode.

Plants vs Zombies cheats – Easy Money

If you need to gain some easy money, you should visit the Zen Garden in order to water the plants over there. You should do this until they become full up. Afterwards, you should adjust the date settings ahead of time, and you’ll see that there is a need to supply more water for the plants. Then, you can purchase new plants and start growing them, and when they are grown enough, you can easily put them on sale. The more you perform these actions, the more money will come to you. This will also work for gaining Marigolds (in Crazy Dave’s store) if you can’t find them in the shop.

Plants vs Zombies cheats – Important!

Your defenses should be placed all around the slot machine – put the walnuts in 1 row on the right side, and combine the sunflowers in 1 or 2 rows on the left side. Then, fill the rest ones with pea and snow pea shooters.

As for the lawn mowers, they should be protected – each of them costs $250/a gold coin.
It’s important to know that you shouldn’t go on gaining more sun points if you have already reached the amount of 1.900. The mentioned amount indicates that the garden is full, and gaining some more 100 points won’t be difficult at all. You are advised to have enough suns in order to set off the slot machine.

Besides, you should keep the slot machine on move, and you’ll receive more and more gems. Remember to end your game if you see zombies being close to the mowers. For this, you need to find suns on the field and lift them up.

The Walnut Bowling will increase its profitability if you take some steps in this concern. So, you should keep the lawnmowers in safety – each of them costs $250/a gold coin.
All the front runner shots should be arranged in a line. Remember that after you get the first zombie hit, the rest ones will bring you coins when being struck, and when you have no other front runner left, you should create one.

Moreover, you should be aware that the pole vaulting zombies will run at a higher speed until they jump over a nut; the newspaper zombies will run faster after the nuts destroy the paper. Well, you shouldn’t stop them from crossing a short path down the lawn – don’t use any nuts!
In cases when you notice zombies moving down the lawn, you should wait and find out if they grow in number, for they will have no way out! Crossing the red line will be lethal for them! There is another important thing to remember – keep in mind the number of nuts used to kill a zombie, because you’ll need this data when they cross the red line.

As for the number of nuts needed for killing them, 1 nut will kill an average zombie, 3 nuts will kill a zombie wearing a bucket, 2 nuts will the rest.

Moreover, you shouldn’t give away the exploding nuts: you’d better use them the as soon as you see a mob crossing the line, or in cases when you are short of nuts or room needed for killing a more troublesome zombie.

When you’re going to kill a zombie that hasn’t reached the red line yet, you’ll need average nuts. If you’re going to kill a pole vaulting zombie, you should use the exploding nuts directly – as far as it’s used to jumping over the obstacles, it will easily jump over the explosions or nuts in its own lane.

Finally, when you see a pole vaulting zombie standing just close to the neighbor, you should kill the zombie.

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