Pokemon games for android

On this post we are going to cover Pokemon games for Android and how you go about getting and playing Pokemon on your Android device. Pokemon was created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996 nearly twenty years ago and it was massively popular, starting from a TV show and card game that quickly developed to a massive franchise.

Pokemon games for android

The brand developed on to making some games on the original game boy which was a massive hit and people are still eager to play and relive the old school legendary Pokemon game so we decided to make a post about it.

How to get Pokemon games for Android

The most popular option is to download the App called John GBA Lite – GBA emulator which in short turns your mobile device (or tablet) into a old school game boy device where you can play most of the cool game boy games. The Emulator does not come with any games loaded onto it so you need to take the following steps to add games;

1. Load your browser (such as Google).

2. Go to an Emulator source site (we suggest: www.coolrom.com)

3. Scroll down and select the tab “ROM files” and click on enlarge.

4. Go down to the list from ROM files and select “Game Boy” or “Game Boy Advance”.

5. Scroll down to letter “P” and it will bring up all the Emulator Game Boy games starting with P.

6. Select the Pokemon version you want (they are all on their!) and select the download button on the version/s you want to get.

7. Once you have downloaded the ones you want close the browser.

8. Reopen the John GBA Lite – GBA emulator

9. Select “Search Games” and this will bring up the Emulators you downloaded automatically.

10. Once the list has loaded, select the game and you ready to start playing Pokemon games for Android on your mobile (or tablet) device. Pretty cool huh?

Other Pokemon games for android

While there has never been an official games released on Android there are some Pokemon style games and here is the list;

1. Poke Draw (a fun game where you can draw/colour in the Pokemon characters).

2. Pocket Craft PokeCraft Edition (Minecraft Pokemon spin off).

3. PokeCard Creator (create your own custom Pokemon cards).

4. Battle Trainer for Pokemon.

Hopefully one day the official Pokemon games for android and iOS will be released in the future but we hope the above will keep you tied over for now.


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