Puzzle Craft Cheats to Improve the Game

Are you willing to create an incredible kingdom in Puzzle Craft? Look at the Puzzle Craft cheats and tips to improve your game.

Tips to Improve Farming in Puzzle Craft

At the initial stages, when moves are restricted, you don’t have a land to spare. However, when you are leveled up, you can utilize the spaces thoughtfully later according to the requirements.

Sell the spare things; whenever you have good amount of stock, you can always head to market to get the cash by selling the things. But be sure when you sell things, there are many things that will give you good price but you may need them to go ahead in the game further. Be careful!

Before buying any tool, just check out first whether you need it or not. If you can carry out the work without it then don’t have to waste your money on them.

Tips to Improve Mining in Puzzle Craft

As mining is more difficult than farming, you must be careful with the things you take with you. Like you can take dirt-clearing shovels to clear out gas orbs from the mine.

If you consider any tool useful for mining, you should buy it.

Deal with Wolves, Rats and other pests

There are more and more hurdles in the way when you level up. Like there will be danger of wolves to eat your chickens or rats to ruin your tile match up. To tackle these adverse conditions, you should be ready always. Like to kill a wolf, you must have a gun with you, and take a cat with you to clear all those rats in the field. Every pest you encounter in the game can be removed with the gifts you get. Don’t give up on the gifts you have.

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