Radiant defence cheats and tricks

No mercy, no fear, no retreat, only kill or get killed is the strategy our enemies follow. Stopping invasion and protecting the fortress is not an easy task. This Radiant defence cheats and tricks guide will tell you some tactics to defend human race from these merciless invaders.

Slow down the Aliens

The first thing to do is to slow down the invasion. Easiest way for it is to make twists and turns and giving them a longer route. However, in missions like mission 4 & 8 you cannot create your own route; so in these missions invest in Tachyon Generators and Psionic Terrorshock to kill more efficiently.

Unlimited money

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Upgrade turret than building the new one

An upgrade weapon is far much better than the one that is just built. It is roughly estimated that fully upgraded weapon is seven times more powerful than the new one. When it comes to cost of the upgraded turret, it is also one best choice because an upgrade version only costs three time greater and has more powerful fire and efficiency.

Invest wisely

It is highly essential to know what you need most to complete a mission. Spend wisely; if you can use an upgrade instead of buying a new weapon, go for it. Your savings can help you in the future because you are unaware what is waiting for you in the next mission.

Hold your ground with secondary weapons

Tactic of turret is to kill the closest aliens – your strategy should be different from it. Main task is to secure the Spiral reactor, for this purpose it is necessary to have a backup plan. If any enemy escapes the primary killing zone, create an auxiliary killing machine to kill that survivor.

Weaken your enemies at the beginning

Use splash weapons like cannon, spray and missile launcher at the beginning. This will damage the protective force-shield of the aliens. Use lasers and gauss at the end for more precise killing.

Don’t limit your options

Key to win is the variety in your way of killing. Use all the weapons accordingly and kill in style. Utilize Tachyon Generator at the beginning to slow the enemies and strike them with Stormguard Tesla to weaken their protective shields. Kill them with the combination of Seraphim Missiles and Starcrusher Cannons. You can use different weapons to kill the aliens with style.

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