Rage of Bahamut cheats

Here are Rage of Bahamut cheats and tricks:


  • Conserve Healing Waters and Magic Powder intended for gatherings or exchange (I’ve got traded each Healing Water for 75,000 because I’m so in need of rupies)
  • Make sure to see the card as it exchanged for you to find out if it’s completely developed (all of orbs complete) In case someone is exchanging a completely developed “Rare” for one of the undeveloped “Rares” most likely you’re being tricked.
  • Be a part of a purchase immediately. You are able to earn goods simply by making contributions to the transaction throughout gatherings. Additionally you interact with individuals who are usually often wanting to exchange.
  • Never spend your time maximizng cards prior to merging except if it will likely be a superior Rare, S rare, or an SS rare upon development. The quantity of gold it charges doesn’t really worth the cost. Many would disagree to don’t do that except if it can be an S or perhaps SS.


Regarding Stam/Attack/Defense:

Stamina: Stamina in Rage of Bahamut provides you to be able to continue questing. I’d advice to place your initial 60 points in stamina. This provides you 1 hour among starts over where you might have the stamina back because you acquire 1 stamina each 60 seconds. Attack: You will find a lot of your cards have a stage value, the attack points see how lots of points valuation on cards you can put inside your attack deck. For those who have a 100 points of attack, you can put in place 5 20 point cards and hit 1 time, 5 10 point cards and hit 2 times, or perhaps 1 10 point card and hit Ten times. Defense: Decide the amount of points on defense cards you’ll have put into the deck. Actually, I am about to turn it to 150 and set it there. I don’t see a purpose to have it increased using the worth of higher level cards I had come across. Just to tell you when you happen to be at 100 points other player would not think to attack you.

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