Ravensword: Shadowlands Cheats and Tricks

Ravensword: Shadowlands in an excellent open world RPG game. As you travel the land it is important that you know these useful tips to have a secure journey. Ravensword: Shadowlands is not a very hard game to learn but without proper knowledge you can shred into pieces by the wild creatures. Here are some Ravensword: Shadowlands tips that will help you on your journey.

Make Easy Gold

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Increase your Collection

You can also gather useless stuff whenever you have the chance, since you can sell it later. When you are on your journey, make sure to kill some animals to gather the loot.

Keep an eye on your health

Your health regenerates but at a very slow pace. You will need health potions to recover it faster when you are in the battle. Also, to replenish your energy use energy potions; this will enable you to unleash your combos. You can refill both health and energy at same time by using a restoration potion.

Quick Potion Access

On screen you have 4 slots on which you can assign potions for quick use. The game doesn’t differentiate between the potions so fix 2 slots on left for health and remaining for energy. This way, you can remember them.

Attribute Points

Use Attribute Points to increase your characters abilities, also Talent Points lets you increase the level of your talents.

Lock Picks

It is a great feeling to discover a chest filled with something good for you but all this happiness can end when you don’t have a lock pick to open it. Don’t forget to be well prepared and always carry locks on your journey.

Travel Faster To Locations

You can quickly travel to the places you have previously visited. It is good when you don’t have much time or you are low on health. Remember you cannot do this if you are in combat.

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