Rovio Retry review

Rovio Retry Review

Here is our long awaited Rovio Retry review. The game is another addictive gem created by the legendary Rovio team and it was officially released worldwide on iOS and Android on 22nd October 2014. The game is free to play but like many popular App’s these days it offers optional ‘in game’ purchases.

What is Retry about?

Retry is similar and some would say inspired by the very well known and addictive game Flappy Birds which everyone who plays App games has heard of and our Rovio Retry review would not be complete without mentioning Flappy Birds.

The goal of the game is simple, to get the plane from one hangar to another hangar without crashing into the the obstacles (including moving ones) or the ground.

How to play Retry

Its a very simple game to play, in order to move the plane you simply just need to tap the screen. The plane will then move forwards/upwards. To make the plane go down then just simply take your finger away from the screen. You can also fly backwards and even do a loop to loop with the plane.

One point which makes Retry very different to Flappy Birds is in each level there is a retry point and once you land on it changes the plan spawn point for one coin.

In some of the levels there are even some elements that make the game harder such as moving terrain, water and also wind.

Wind = slows down the plane.
Water = Drowns the plane.

Our overall Rovio Retry review and rating

Overall we are very impressed with Retry, the simple yet addicting game play provides hours and hours of fun and best of the game is free. This is a must have for any Flappy Birds fan and we rate the game 9/10 overall.

We hope you liked our Rovio Retry review and stay tuned for more App reviews and cheats.

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