Scramble with Friends cheats

Do you love to play Scramble with Friends and need to know how to improve your scores? Or do you like to beat that one person who always wins? There are few Scramble with Friends tips and tricks which can help you to perk up your game.

Make 2-letter Words at First

When you start your game, try to make two letter words at start. Use “vowels” and “y” with consonants; make words such as aa, by, ai, on, of, at and other similar words. Try them and you will see the difference they craft on your final scores.

Go for 3-letter Words also

You will find many three letter words in your 4×4 word board; make them to improve your scores. They can be the ladder to other big words like “rat” facilitates you to make “rate”, “rates” or “rated”.

Use “S” and “D”

Using “s” and “d” with the words you have made already. For example, if you made a word “bake”, add “s” and “d” with it to make it “bakes” and “baked”. In this way, you can get the points for three words instead of one.

Longer Letter Words are Home to Smaller Ones

Longer letter words are good way to find smaller letter words; when you make long-letter words, try to break them to see if they have any shorter word in them. Like from “treat” you can easily make “eat” and “at”.

Use Bonus Letters

There are some letters in the board that posses more points than others. Try to use these letters in your words as much as you can to improve your final scores.

Utilize Power-ups

In Scramble with Friends, using Power-ups is most excellent way to augment your score. There are four power boosters

  • Freeze: stops timer.
  • Inspiration: highlights some words to improve scores
  • Scramble: rotate the grid to give you whole new angle.
  • Vision: provide you with three new words, finding them will give additional bonus time.

Try them and see which one is the best for you.

These are some simple Scramble with Friends tips and strategies that can assist you to beat your friends.

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