Sonic dash cheats

If you are a Temple Run lover, then you should try Sonic Dash as well. It works even better than Temple Run by performing better graphics and excellent experience for users while playing the game with various enemis, loops, and controllable velocity. You will soon realize that nothing will keep you from running, except when you fail to overcome all hazards and obstacles which means you should keep your Sonic alive during the game. We realize that not everyone can do this heavy task, so we provide you these cheats or you may call them as guidelines. Now, prepare for your success!

  • a. Plan your move if you have already seen enemies or obstacles in front of you
  • b. When there is a bridge in front of you, you can slide or jump over it. Tips: when you should face with 3 bridges in a row, try to slide under it. It is easier and more effective than when you try to jum over them
  • c. Try to fill the meter (you can find it at the right upper side of your screen) by collecting gold rings. Once filled, tap the screen to perform invincible dash move
  • d. Pay a lot of attention to your energy which indicator located inside the dash meter. Once it goes down, there is nothing you can do

  • e. Avoid running on crabs or enemies with spike because it will lose your gold rings. You will not lose your life, but your gold rings.
  • f. Whenever you want to change your direction while you’re in the air, you just need to swipe the screen to the left or right. Nice trick to avoid falling, especially into pits
  • g. Try to defeat your enemis by rolling. Swipe down your device to do this
  • h. Set keeping your avatar alive as the primary goal and others as secondary
  • i. You can get free gold by following the game account both in Twitter and Facebook, watch the game sponsor videos, or by registering your Sega ID. Find these options at gift icon, inside the shopping cart.

  • j. Complete in-app missions to get red star rings, such as having 5 enemy combos in single run, performing 2 head starts, taking down 10 crabs from the air etc.
  • k. Pause your game to see current missions and re-continue if you want to purchase the red star rings
  • l. Perform homing attack while jumping by pressing the screen. Use this to defeat any robotic fish you found blocking your way
  • m. Whenever you want to perform a big jump, there will be 3 jumping pads you will see, e.g rings, Sky Sanctuary image, and question mark. Choose what you like. In some occasion, you should swipe your screen to get bonus coins
  • n. Use your gold rings to purchase or upgrade abilities, power-ups etc.
  • o. Purchase red stars and gold rings if you low on them directly from the application
  • p. When you have enough red star rings, you can unlock Tails, Amy, or Knuckles by purchasing them (30, 45, and 60 rings).
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