Stick Hero Review

Stick Hero Review and our comments on the game from Mobilegames101.

What is Stick Hero About?

Stick hero is a very fun and addictive game that was developed by: Ketchapp and available for free download on both IOS and Android. The game is very straightforward and it was nice to do a Stick Hero review after playing and enjoying the game for a few weeks now.

The aim is to get the Hero passed as many platforms as you can using the extendable stick platform which you control the length of. Every time you get the hero onto the next platform you score +1 point, If you land the stick platform end onto the small red square on the middle of the platform then you score an additional +1 point.

Stick hero was last updated on December 18th 2014 where they added the below features;

• New Christmas Heroes added.
• New Backgrounds added.
• Remove adverts option (at a cost of £1.49)
• Some general bug fixes from the previous version.

How to play Stick Hero

To play stick hero you just need to hold your finger on the screen to stretch out the stick length to the correct length to get onto the next platform – you score a point each time you successfully reach the next platform, try and aim for the small red square as that will give you an additional point. If you do not get the stick stretch correct (too short or too long) then your character will fall off and it will be Game Over.

Throughout the game there are cherries between the platforms and you can collect these by tapping the screen while crossing the stick to make your character go upside down but you will need to tap the screen again to get the hero upright before the end of the stick otherwise you will fall off and end the game.

With the cherries you can unlock new Heroes which all have different looks; some will be taller, shorter, wider and have different hair styles. In total there are 15 heroes to unlock and they are all purchased with the cherries collected from in game – the cost to unlock each hero increases for each one.

You can also purchase Cherries from the In-App Purchase system and we have shown the top 5 in-App purchases below for Stick Hero.

1. 400 Cherries = £0.99
2. Remove Ads = £1.49
3. 1000 Cherries = £1.49
4. 3000 Cherries = £2.99
5. 5000 Cherries = £4.99

Our Stick Hero Review and Rating

So here is our Stick Hero Review, Overall we think it’s a fantastic game and definitely a winner in terms of game play and addictiveness with great potential to grow even further in popularity. it currently has over 4700 ratings on the App store alone all of which are very positive.

It’s a quirky and a very addictive game which we highly recommend as a great addition to any games collection. The game is actually fairly difficult and you really need to invest some time into it to get a decent score and collect enough cherries to unlock the heroes.

We rate Stick Hero 9/10 and look forward to the future updates and growth of the game. We hope you liked our Stick Hero Review and we hope you return back for more reviews which are frequently added.

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