subway surfers the game – review

Subway surfers the game was recently featured in our top best free app reviews in iOS and we wanted to give it a more in-depth a detailed review to cover the game in more detail.


subway surfers the game was co-developed by Kiloo and SYBO games. It was released May 2012 and available on both Android and IOS. The game has been very successful and it’s still comfortably sitting in the top games in iOS charts – currently ranked in 3rd place.
Subway Surfers the game is compatible with iPod 3 & 4, iPod 5, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, Ipad 1, 2, 3, 4 and iPad mini.


The game offers very colorful and vivid HD graphics which really do the game justice, the game looks great and runs great (excuse the pun), the graphics definitely add an edge to the game-play and make the game stand out against competitors.

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Subway surfers the game – How to play

Subway surfers is a really simple game to play, it has a similar play style to game like Temple run but with a bit of a twist. The game is classed as a never ending running game and you just need to swipe the screen across to move left or right, up to jump and down to make the character crouch. If you double tap the screen then you can use the board ability (if you have one available).


There is a shop in game where you can spend the coins you collect from playing – you can also buy power ups with real money if you wish to do so.
The following single use upgrades are available to help you get further in the game;

Single use

1. Hover board – 300 coins per x1.
2. Mystery box – 500 coins per x1.
3. Score Booster – 3000 coins per x1.
4. Mega head start – 2000 coins per x1.
5. Skip mission 1 – 1600 coins per x1.


You can upgrade each of the below six times in total and each time you upgrade the cost will increase.

1. Jet pack – Increase the duration of the spray can Jetway power up – 500 coins.
2. Super sneakers – Increase the duration of the Super Sneaker power up – 500 coins.
3. Coin Magnet – Increase the duration of the Coin Magnet power up – 500 coins.
4. 2x Multiplier – Increase the duration of the Double Multiplier power up – 500 coins.

Subway surfers the game – Characters

There are currently 15 characters that can be unlocked in the game, most of them are unlocked with coins and others are unlocked with items collected from the mystery boxes.

Here is a list of the characters you can unlock in the game;

1. Yutani – find 500 UFO’s from mystery boxes.
2. Spike – find 200 Guitar’s from mystery boxes.
3. Fresh – find 50 music boxes from mystery boxes.
4. Tricky – find 3 hat’s from mystery boxes.
5. Jake – starting character.
6. Frank – unlock with 40,000 coins.
7. Frizzy – unlock with 150,000 coins.
8. King – unlock with 80,000 coins.
9. Lucy – unlock with 7,000 coins.
10. Ninja – unlock with 20,000 coins.
11. Tagbot – unlock with 12,000 coins.
12. Tasha – unlock with 30,000 coins.
13. Zoe – unlock with 120,000 coins.
14. Brody – unlock with 350,000 coins.
15. Prince K – unlock with 98,000 coins.

There are also 17 colorful and different designed of hover boards that can be purchased with coins too.

Subway surfers the game – our review

Currently Subway surfers has 95,000 reviews from iOS with an average rating of 4.5 / 5 stars which really says a lot for the game and we certainly agree with it.
We think it’s a colorful epic game that definitely deserves it’s top place in the charts, it’s a simplistic game that offers hours and hours of fun whether it be casual or competing against friends on challenges and top scores.
We rate 9/10 and really recommend it.

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