Subway Surfers Coin Cheats

We represent another striking game to your attention – this is Subway Surfers. Like Temple Run, Subway Surfers is foreseen for iPhones and iPads, and is an ongoing runner game, though the first one is a bit more complex to play.

All you need is to get rid of a subway inspector and his dog, when being noticed by the inspector during your graffiti painting on a subway car. While running away, you’ll be able to use trains, power-ups, and your Hoverboard. So, Subway Surfers is really a pretty vivid and addictive game to play

Strategy Guide

It’s important to be aware of the following basic strategic cue to this game:

On-Top Riding in Subway Surfers – you’re recommended to try riding on the tops of the trains as much as you can. This is a helpful trick to know. As the camera is placed behind you, the higher you get, the more obviously you’ll get the whole picture in front of you, thus being aware of the upcoming traffic and the power-ups.

Getting Coins – you should try to obtain, first, those power-ups, which will bring you more coins than the rest ones. So, you should concentrate on the Jetpack and the Coin Magnet over the Super Sneakers, and the 2x Multiplier. Be attentive not to act like this if it’s not required from you.

Hovering or Dying – while being active, the Hoverboards will grant you immunity. So, if you’re in a tender bender, you’ll fall off the board, and you should keep on running away. Their price is 300 coins.

Power-Ups – there a number of power-ups used in Subway Surfers to this or that effect. It’s important to know that the time of their activeness is limited, and you should be quick in order to get a benefit from them.
The power-ups can be described are as follows:

  • Jetpack – enables you to fly over the trains gathering a trial of coins on your way (all kinds of trains);
  • Super Sneakers – enable you to run faster, meanwhile collecting coins;
  • Coin Magnet – enables you to collect all the coins around you and have them at your disposal;
  • 2X Multiplier – enables you to get a double score when being active.

Besides, if you wish to cheat on receiving higher scores apart from power-ups, you should wait for a Daily Challenge to become active. When a Daily Challenge gets active, the power-ups don’t come over – you’d better go on moving around the letters, and you won’t notice any power-ups.

Keep in mind all the things that are considered as power-ups. Moreover, you can easily come across the Mystery Boxes, and fulfill your goals with the help of your Hoverboard. Remember not to run into a magnet or a Jetpack, Super Sneaker or a 2x Multiplier. Here you won’t be able to use a Headstar, as well.

No Jumping or Rolling for Score Points – for this, the Mega Headstar should be trigged the moment the mission starts. In this way, you’ll be able to appear right in the sky in a meanwhile, and receive more than 10.000 points without the necessity of rolling or jumping.

Unlocking All Characters in Subway Surfers – this is in vein! It doesn’t work indeed! So, you shouldn’t spend your time on trying this! Subway Surfers has been upgraded and refreshed recently, and the new version doesn’t use this anymore!

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