Super Hexagon: Cheats

Super Hexagon is a challenging game which requires quick eyes and hard coordination to stay in the game. You have to make quick decisions while searching for the best or only opening in the closing case.

Super Hexagon is not an easy game to play for a beginner and it is only natural that many players find this game very difficult. Luckily, here are some tips that will tell you exactly how you can improve your performance in this game.


When you will start playing this game you will fail a lot. It doesn’t mean that you are bad at this game. Don’t quit playing just because you find it hard. Restart again and go for another round; each time you’ll play it, you will get a little better. Once you progress furthermore, you will start understanding the shapes much better.

VSync and Fullscreen

Turn off VSync while playing this game. VSync delays your input speed which is costly, since in this game every moment counts. You will have little time to save yourself, so even a little delay can end your run.

Play the game in full screen, this will give you a better view of the game and you can easily see your movements on screen.

Don’t Get Nervous

When you progress further in the game, you will get nervous. Don’t let your mind take up the pressure; be calm and play the game without care. Don’t act like it is the last time you are playing this game. Stay focused on the game and don’t look at your progress.

Mute the Sound

Announcer voice and game music can be distractive. Mute off the sound completely to play the game in quiet. Also, you can run your own music in the background.

Watch the Patterns

When you see the pattern closing on you, first get in the gap and while the pattern is closing in, keeps its shape in mind. This helps you to avoid it better, when the next time it appears again.

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