Super Stickman Golf 2: A guide for your win

If you enjoy playing Super Stickman Golf 2, here are some game tips for you which can help you win this game.

Some game winning Super Stickman Golf 2 tips are:

Shot the ball with maximum power:

Before you hit the ball, make sure that power of the shot at the meter is at maximum. Don’t be hasty and wait for it to reach the maximum point. If you don’t achieve the maximum limit, shot will be powerful still but it may drop in between. In some courses, achieving the maximum power is necessary.

Use the Upgrades wisely:

Upgrades can make your round easier and can help you to succeed when you are far in the round. When the killer shots are in line and there is a matter of win and lose, don’t hesitate to use the upgrades. There is no need to keep them in the bank when you truly want them.

Master the early holes:

The last hole of the round is the trickiest hole; keep some power-ups for this hole in the bank. If you made mistake at the beginning, start over the round again. Don’t rush forward without mastering the early holes, because when you master them, only then you can easily complete a round without wasting some precious power-ups.

Pick Hats as much as you can:

There are diverse hats in the game, try to pick them as much as you can because they have different powers; they can increase the power of the shot and some can also enhance the meter speed. Gold Bux can be used to unlock more hats.

Practice the game before playing in multi-player

In the race mode of the game, the person who clears the holes at fastest pace wins, so if you want to play the game in this mode, make sure that you don’t get distracted and remain focused. Practice first in the single player game to master your skills.

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