Temple Run Glitch

Temple Run Glitch? Yes and it is here, however its fun without it. You’re possibly play as one of the characters like Guy Dangerous or even the other six choices that’ll be unlocked simply by purchasing some coins.

I know coins are very essential, you’ll acquire them while playing. This game is about running all over the temple while gaining coins and power ups. But, if you are the type of person who doesn’t care on spending money for some coins, for only 20 dollars you can buy 20,000 coins. A worth it fantastic deal!

Inorder to buy items and some contents of the game like your characters and updates you need this very useful coins. This utilities can be use as running all over the temple however you can only make use of it one by one. You’re able to pre-choose it and it’ll serve as your 1st inventory.

And now the power ups, these is temporary and gained as you continue to run all over the temple. Power-ups will be gone after the usage or if the character falls or eaten by enemy.

Once you activated the glitch of Temple Run, “Guy Dangerous” way will shift and be straighter than you ever think – its way runs around the temple without having to turn. Are you thinking this now? “what about if my character hits the obstacles along the way?” worry not now. Just relax and watch him runs “FREELY” for a long time as long as you stop him yourself.

Below are guidance on how you’ll use the Temple run glitch:

Play the game and enter the home screen (Definitely!)

Just tap or click or simply the option menu in the home screen to open the Option.

Once you are at the option, Turn on the Tutorial Mode.

Now you can Start the game and run all over the temple. The Tutorial can show on how to turn around, jump and slide when you stay away from the obstacles.

Turn your character right with two lighting fast speed slides. Once you’re near in the first right turn on the game, double-slide as quick as you are able to slide, rather than of sweeping just once to turn. (This is really crucial)

Horray! If you’re fast and right, the glitch is now activated. You’ll be able to tell if you did the right thing as the camera may start to move all over and your own character will start to run straightly forward without stopping. In case you cant do this, you can try it again and start at the beginning.

This is the sad part and consequences of the glitch when it is activated.

There will be no more coins available to grab otherwise you are very fortunate and acquire the mega coins. It will not going to affect anything other than your scores. Because, the power ups are still there. It is not totally bad After all, You can crash your character to any of the sides, if you got bored watching him running straight, you can achieve an amazing high score with the Temple Run glitch plus you can offer it to your friends too. But cant do this over the internet, because almost people now on the internet are already informed of this glitch.

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