The Tribez cheats and tricks! Free crystals!

Hey there! Here’s another world building game for our entertaiment. The Tribez!

However i suppose you already know it and already played it if you are here.

Well, let’s go strict to the cheats and tricks. Here they are:

Wanna FREE Crystals?

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Quests are “the must” in this game. They’ll help you gain experience and loot. And you’ll need it;)
So, make sure you’ll involve and complete all the available quests. You can find them by clicking quest icon. Also use “find” tab to find the quest location

Faaast money. Fastest way to be honest

Ok. You need to build trading posts, shaman shops and theaters. And keep them working all the time.

Did you collect the coins? Go for it. Remember to do it on time..ALWAYS.

Your workers wishes also matters…you know they want to drink and eat from time to time..strange, really?:)

Keep them happy by moving to the buildings and collecting coins in process.

What about population?

Well..everybody needs a home.. So build as many huts as possible. More huts – more villagers will come and join you. As a bonus – more huts makes your population happy! So go and build it.

Shiny Crystals

Spent crystals in the begining? Epic fail!

Remember that it’s not necessary to spent crystals in game. Just get a habbit of NOT spending them and you’ll save a lot. Remember that we wanna play for free. Also never accept that annoying offers to upgrade building or to purchase coins etc. Save your REAL money.

However…if you have a couple of millions..why not?:)


That’s all for now.

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