Toy Story: Smash It! Tricks and Tips to Earn Three Stars

Toy Story: Smash It! is a 3D puzzle game by Disney. In this game, the renowned hero Buzz Lightyear smashes down his alien enemies with different balls. Try to master every level with three stars. Some ‘Toy Story: Smash it!’ tips and tricks are given here. These tips can help you to double the fun and triple the scores.

Score Improving Tips:

To enhance the fun not only kill the aliens, also try to get three stars in every level. There are also floating blocks having the word ‘TOY’, collect them.

Improve your scores by using fewer balls to complete a puzzle. This way you can score high.

On the right top corner of the screen, you will find a ‘restart’ button; use it to simply start a level again whenever you make any mistake.

Look for the exploding presents that are given in the level. Many puzzles can be solved in a single chain reaction with the help of them.

Three star scores are the good and easy way to unlock more episodes. Try to at least score three stars in the stages that are easy.

Throwing Tactics:

Utilize Balloon Balls advantageously. Try to fit them in tight places and inflate by tapping on screen.

Shadows can be the good indicators for the ball’s dropping position. Keep your eyes on them.

Don’t throw Balloon Ball instantly; break some glass before doing so.

Impact Balls are capable of destroying everything in the way; allow the ball to travel in the straight line by tapping the screen and destroy your target.

Search for the weaker points; metal bricks are usually hard to break.

Don’t waste any ball and check before throwing whether you are throwing a Balloon or Impact ball and set the target accordingly.

Alien Eliminating Strategies:

Strategy to kill the aliens is by aiming other than them. When you directly aim towards the aliens, they will make a shield around them. Try to hit the structures that are surrounding the aliens.

Always aim for the nearest object.

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