Where’s My Perry? – Cheats and Tricks

Based on the Disney show Phineas and Ferb’s character Perry – the platypus, “Where’s My Perry?” is a new game similar to “Where’s my water?” with some amazing additions.

Basic Theme

The main idea of the game is to move water from one level to another by carving out a path through the earth using the touch of your finger.

Unlocking Higher Levels

There are three gnomes in every level. Collecting all of them is not mandatory for winning but they help in unlocking the later levels. Gnomes can be collected by passing water through them but some are required to be collected by steam too. If you are low on gnomes, you can always go back and replay the older levels and fetch some easy gnomes.

Hidden Treasures

There’re some well hidden files that you need to discover in some levels. Atleast three of those “Secret Files” are required to be collected in order to unlock a new secret level. Each mission in ‘Where’s My Perry’ consists of 20 levels. You can view your stock of Secret Files by tapping its icon at the bottom of the level selection mode.

If a “question mark” appears on the top-left side during the level, dig on for a secret file you might be missing.


On higher levels, you will face Crazy-inators i.e. devices that change the state of water to steam or ice and back. They are often necessary to clear a level. When you need water/steam/ice in certain state, you should search for a crazy-inator. Beware of the crazy-inators that turn your water into futile dump.

Purple Sludge

Although, it can be used to cover the gaps and make way for clean water; beware of mixing your water up with this thick purple sludge. Don’t let it reach the end; else you will fail the level.


To have a useful tendency of turning water into steam, lava can also make you fail the level if it reaches the end like sludge. Also, sludge and lava make your gnomes disappear; beware!

Moving Forward in the game

Your progress in the game relies on your gnomes. It costs you 40, 85 & 135 gnomes to reach second, third and fourth set of levels respectively.

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