Where’s my Water? 2 Cheats and Tricks

A revised edition of “Where’s my Water?” with new adventures but same appeal i.e. “Where’s my Water? 2” is in stores now! With new fascinating challenges and an air of devil about it, you might need to play a level many times to cross it. But not anymore! With these “Where’s my Water? 2” guidelines, you can go through the levels in a way that is more effective, easy and fun!

Water Splitting and Useful Spillage

You don’t need to carry whole of the water till the end. A little amount of water that fills the pipe and makes the alligator bath is enough for you to clear the level. Often, you need to split up water to collect the ducks and carry enough remaining water to the alligator such as in level 3. In order to collect every duck, you might need to spill a little bit of your water too.

Dig Ideally!

Generally, it’s ideal to dig from top to bottom but at some levels, you might have to work it “bottom to top” in order to clear the level. You might come across this technique in Level 4 where a floodgate is employed and you need to avoid ducks in all cases.

Duck Rush Stages

In duck rush stages, you need to dig wide enough to maintain the water level and avoid the water from spilling and going out of view. Then divide the water in six to collect all the ducks. You might need to retry a few times to pass these stages but there’s nothing to lose except a little energy.

Discover New Ducks and Stages

Apart from unlocking new stages, collecting ducks and completing the adventures earns you special ducks and other things such as flamingos, garden gnomes, and special themed ducks like astronauts, gladiators etc.


Powers-Ups are really useful for collecting and saving your ducks especially when you are stuck in a level. There’re only few power-ups available. You have to buy more for $0.99 per turn. There’re three types of power-ups:

Vacuum – attracts water towards ducks.

Dropper – makes your duck filled till brim already such that they need only one droplet more to collect.

Absorber – makes your ducks invulnerable to toxins.

Need Extra Energy?

You can gain a free refill by signing up and sending friend requests on “Facebook”. So, save your precious money and ask your Facebook friends for help.

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