World at Arms review and cheats

Gameloft represents another game to your attention – it is called “World at Arms”. If your dream is to become a country rebuilder, the game is just for you! You’ll be granted an opportunity to give a new life to a country that has been demolished as a result of a war. You’ll be able to put your wisdom and resources into practical use during the missions, thus realizing your cherished dreams.

You’ll be given a chance to create your troops and weapons, conquer your enemies and regain your power. The game is perfect in a sense that it enables the players to think strategically, and find solutions to the problems put forward throughout the game, thus gaining the authority of the most powerful country all over the world!

Playing World at Arms

While playing this World at Arms , you are expected to use a creative thinking in order to develop various structures and carry out military tasks by controlling your troops and arms. Besides, you’ll also be able to run your country with the help of other resources and means used provided during the game. Moreover, you can easily interact with other players during while playing. So, this is a perfect opportunity for you to feel yourself like a ruler of a country, who is responsible for the country’s safety and prosperity!


To start the game, you should fill in your username, as you’re the ruler of the country, then you can get an avatar and a flag to represent the given country: you can easily change the username, avatar and the flag whenever you wish. Other players will see all the mentioned information while playing the game. Besides, you can use the settings to choose some music, sound effects and notifications for you, which will also help you to be in contact with other players on Facebook and Gameloft Live, thus being able to get bonus items, and make friends with them.


You’ll find different currencies introduced by the World at Arms, such as:

Gold Stars – these are considered as the premium currency in the game. Using them, you’ll be able to buy special items necessary for your campaign, and also increase the speed of the construction process. Remember – the more money is spent, the more gold stars will be obtained as a result!

Hearts – you’ll gain them when helping your allies in construction and other activities, and you’ll be able to use them in purchases made in order to strengthen your army.

Gold Coins – these are the main currency, and can be used in purchases of various items that will contribute to your rebuilding troubles.

Coins – these will be received after completing a mission, or can be saved up from income buildings, and from loot selling.

As for selling, you can put various things on sale, such as buildings, arms and vehicles, etc. (not at their full price).

As to loot, you can collect it together with coins. As a result, you can get a whole selection of this or that type of items, which can be sold at a higher price, or you can obtain oil, in return. After selling a collection, you’ll be allowed to collect another one, and again sell it as many times as you wish.

As for oil, use it at any rate you’d like to enter into a battle. You can get it from, e.g. oil wells and oil towers. Oil demand will be dependent upon the number of vehicles collected and used during the game.

As to electricity, it is produced by power plants and wind turbines. Thus, you get energy, which is necessary for running various structures during the game. Electricity demand will be dependent upon the number of acquired buildings that will need electricity. The electricity from your structures will be constant, and if you increase the number of your buildings, you’ll have to get more such structures.


To promote your base in World at Arms, you’ll be given an opportunity of choosing between various types of buildings, such as income buildings (create coins), several structures (produce oil), and other buildings (make electricity).

Oil and coin producing buildings don’t offer the same payoff, and they will be able to produce more resources after you have collected the ones that have already been created.

Well, you’ll also find other buildings while playing the game – barracks, weapon producing building, etc. You’ll need to use these barracks in those places, where your troops will be trained to fight. As for the rest buildings, they will also be of great help in your campaigns.

Before being able to use your structures, you should make them activated. Besides, you can also apply various designs to your area by moving your constructions to this or that place. In case you lack some space for more buildings and structures, you can use your Gold Stars or Gold Coins and buy some land around you, thus expanding your area, which will be easily put into use by the players as soon as it becomes activated.

Well, all the above described constructions will be found on sale at the shop. You can also find various decorations at different prices there, which will be helpful in increasing the payoff of the constructions being placed in the neighborhoods. More expensive constructions will be available at some intervals; they may require premium currency.


The campaigns, being available in World at Arms, are one of the most attractive features of the game. You can battle against your enemies and overcome mission challenges, thus being rewarded respectfully and being able to pass on to another level. If you wish some additional missions to overcome, you’ll have to win a certain number of fights. Naturally, your victories will be guaranteed by properly chosen people and equipment!

As for troops, they can be acquired through Gold Stars. You can spend some money and organize trainings for them in the barracks. This refers also to your tanks and airplanes. Later, you can use your troops and machines in this or that battle, bearing in mind the fact that the more vehicles are used, the more oil should be spent. Apart from these vehicles, you can also use other important items and units during the battles, so you’d better keep them ready for further usage.

As to these units, you can use up to 6 units in a battle, and you are also free to use the auto deploy mode so that the game itself can decide how to develop your forces. Though the battles are performed in an automated way, you make your own contribution by using the items that come across during the battle. The impact of these items will be different, but if you fail to click them properly, it will turn out to be negative for you.

If you have already dragged the given mission to its end, and you’re about to win or lose, you should, by all means, have troops, vehicles, and of course, oil at your disposal. So, don’t forget to prearrange all these things beforehand, in order not to waste your time on them later, thus leading your troops to a failure.

Playing at higher levels will bring you greater rewards, and greater challenges, at the same time. You’ll be able to return to 1 ally a day, and you can also ask your friends for some help. Thus, you’ll be surrounded by a group of allies during the battles, which will be pretty helpful for you (the maximum number is 5 multiplied by your hero’s maximum level). Apart from this option, you can also use some Gold Stars to hire some soldiers of fortune that will provide help to you: the number of battles, they can take part in, is limited.

Battling Online

In World at Arms you are free to call both your friends and your allies to take part in the battles together with you. This will be fulfilled by spending some oil – don’t worry, for in case you win, you’ll be rewarded respectively, in return. Besides, you can give some prizes to your playmates – the number of coins, foreseen to be put on the opponent’s head, should be set by you. On the other hand, you can look for those players, who have got bounties, because later, when you win, you can state the reward.

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