Zombie defence games – Top 3

What are the best zombie defence games? we are going to cover a few zombie games on iOS and Android that we feel are certainly worth a mention. For each game we will cover an overview, game features and our Mobilegames101 review and rating of each of the zombie defence games.

Top 3 Zombie defence games

zombie defence games

Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies is a really cool TD (tower defence) style game where you need to build and grow your attack/ defence plants to defeat and survive the Zombie waves of attacks and protect your home from being destroyed by the Zombies.

Plants vs Zombies was released for iOS in February 2010 and Android on May 2011, the game was such a success that game version was also released on the major consoles Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and even on Steam. The game is free to download but does offer some in App purchases which are of course option, Plants vs Zombies has been featured in the App stores as well as got lots of attention on line so as zombie defence games go it’s definitely one of the leading zombie games around.

We have recently posted Plants Vs Zombies Cheats and Tricks which you may also find helpful.

Game Features

• Massive arsenal of 49 attack and defence plants.
• 26 different types of attacking zombies to defeat.
• 50 fun levels to battle through.
• Lots of fun power ups available for coins.
• 46 achievements available for you to unlock and show off your zombie zapping skills.

Our Review and Rating

What’s not to like about Plants vs Zombies? although it’s been around for a while it still proudly has its place as one of the zombie defence games available in the App market to date. The game is completely free to download which we always like, the graphics are sharp and cartoony and the overall game play is epic. We rate Plant vs Zombies 9.5/10 – a definite must have.


Zombie Highway

zombie highway defence game

Zombie Highway is another gem on the market within the zombie defence games category as it’s a unique game with a combination of driving and zombie defence. The game has been around a while, it’s available for free for both Android and iOS version but does offer some option in game purchases too.

The idea of the game is simple, drive as far as you can and take out the zombies attacking your car on the way, zombies will jump on the side of the vehicle and you need to take them out with the arsenal of weapons available. If you do not get rid of the zombies quickly then they will flip your car and its game over.

Game Features

• Stunning 3D Graphics.
• 8 levels within 3 different environments.
• 16 guns to chose from and unlock.
• 4 different cars.
• 8 different kinds of attacking zombies.
• Highly addictive.

Our Review and Rating

If you enjoy driving games then you will certainly love zombie highway as it combines driving with attacking zombies which is awesome, the game play and graphics are second to none and it’s really like playing a console game. It’s a free game to download too so as Zombie defence games go we highly recommend it and rate it 8.5/10.


Zombie Defense

zombie defense game

Zombie Defense is another classic tower defence style game where you need to recruit soldiers on the slots on the map to destroy and survive the incoming zombie waves. As you progress through the levels the waves get more intense and difficult. In order to beat the level you must survive the waves by creating and upgrading your soliders. You can use grenades, airstrikes and even operate cool bulldozers to help you battle through each waves, it’s really fun and a great game complimented with a coffee for the morning travel.

game features

• Quality graphics, 3D game play and map environments.
• 40 missions to battle through.
• 4 types of difficulty; regular, nightmare, 3 man and tv challenge.
• 18 types of soldiers to use to help you attack and defend.
• Grenades, Molotov cocktails, airstrikes and other explosives to help you survive and beat the zombies.
• 6 enemy types, some faster and some stronger than others to keep the game interesting and difficult.
• Giant Zombies bosses and zombie birds!
• Vehicles you can control including a cool bulldozer to help you defeat the zombies.

Our Review and Rating

If you like guns, vehicles, explosives, zombies and all out carnage then this is definitely one of the highly recommended zombie defence games for you! it really does offer everything you could want in a tower defence game plus a whole lot more. The graphics are fantastic partnered with a long story campaign to battle through that really will provide hours of addictive fun, this is really one of our favourites and we are sure you will also thoroughly enjoy it too. We rate Zombie defense 9/10.

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